1. About this blog – A Canadian blog about achieving financial independence

I am planning to finish work in April 2016 at the age of 50. It is a huge decision, with so many financial and psychological/social questions to be answered. I don’t want to make a mistake, because I know that if I am making a mistake, getting back into the workforce in my field at my level will be very difficult. So I have read a lot of retirement blogs and discussion forums. It has become something of an obsession over the last two years.

Why am I writing another one? I think I have a few things to contribute to the discussion, and I want to take the time to get my thoughts down on cyberpaper clearly and coherently. I want to describe my path to financial independence to provide ideas and inspiration to others on this path. Furthermore, since I have completed our plan for financial independence without advice from any financial planner, I am “my own advisor” (to borrow the name of a blog I follow regularly). I have had guidance from a relative on investing, but the financial planning side of things is coming entirely from my own reading over the years. This of course makes me nervous. So I am writing this blog as a way of helping me to think through the issues, and of inviting others to comment on my plan. If you see a flaw in my thinking, or think that I am overlooking something, please let me know.

What I don’t want to do is to become a professional blogger.

Some blogs are written in order to generate income. Some of them are very good and provide great information, but sometimes the authors seem to feel the need to post something – anything – every week or so. When that happens, we end up seeing a lot of repetition, summaries of other people’s blogs, etc. I’m not interested in doing that.

I am also not interested in writing a blog to tell people how you can be just like me and gain financial independence by writing a retirement blog [buy my book], one littered with advertising [please click on the links to support my sponsors], or teasers [if you want to know the whole story, buy my book]. I find them to be tiresome. I congratulate those people for creating an alternative source of income so they don’t have to work for The Man, but I am not interested in following that path. There’s too much competition anyway.

So I am going to write a bunch of things that I think will help other people, post them, and then maybe write some more later. I plan to post a couple of times a month, and when I run out of things worth writing, I’ll stop posting. Thank you for reading. Comments are welcome.

1. About this blog – A Canadian blog about achieving financial independence

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